Investment fraud has become increasingly common in the turbulent world economy. Because of this, it’s more important than ever for investors to be aware of their rights. Gibbs Law Group advises and represents individual and institutional investors in a wide range of financial and investment fraud lawsuits, including Ponzi schemes, accounting fraud, and some of the most high profile financial fraud cases in U.S. history.

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Our Investment Fraud Practice

Securities Fraud
Gibbs Law Group’ securities attorneys have successfully represented thousands of shareholders in class action lawsuits to hold companies responsible for acts of misrepresentation, lack of disclosure, and other forms of securities fraud, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in investment losses.

Investment Fraud & Scams
Our attorneys represent investors in lawsuits involving fraudulent investment products and other investment scams, ranging from Ponzi schemes to non-traded REITs, EB-5 investment fraud, Reg D offerings, alternative investments and more.

Institutional Investor Services
Gibbs Law Group LLP has served as co-lead counsel in a number of major securities fraud cases on behalf of a variety of institutional investors. In addition, we also provide expert monitoring and case evaluation services to institutional investors.

Securities Arbitration
Gibbs Law Group LLP also offers securities arbitration services including FINRA arbitration and can guide investors through the entire arbitration process.

Our Team

Investment Fraud Class Actions and Investigations

ARC Retail Centers-AFIN Merger Investigation

Potential securities law violations concerning a merger between American Realty Capital-Retail Centers of America Inc. and American Finance Trust, Inc.

Merrill Lynch Strategic Return Notes Investigation

Risks may not have been properly disclosed on strategic return notes that have lost 95% of their value.

Wells Fargo Bank / KH Funding Class Action Lawsuit

Wells Fargo’s violation of its duties to Series 3 Noteholders as indenture trustee

Apple REIT Non-Traded Class Action Lawsuit

Misrepresentation of the investment objectives of the Apple REITs, the value of the Apple REIT shares, and the Apple REITs' dividend payment policies

Provident Royalties Class Action Lawsuit

Fraudulent offerings of preferred stock and limited partnership interests to investors. An $80 million settlement was awarded to purchasers of investments in Medical Capital and Provident Royalties.

Reserve Primary Fund Lawsuit

Securities lawsuit on behalf of Reserve Primary Fund shareholders after the net asset valuation of its shares fell below $1

Medical Capital Holdings Class Action Lawsuit

Violation of federal securities laws by offering and selling notes unregistered with the SEC pursuant to false and misleading prospectuses. An $80 million settlement was awarded to purchasers of Medical Capital and Provident Royalties investments.

American Express Class Action Lawsuit

American Express Financial Advisors offering services for tailored financial planning and instead provided “canned” financial planning and advice designed to direct consumers to certain mutual funds. A $100 million settlement was awarded to customers.

Auction-Rate Securities Class Action Lawsuits

Banks and broker-dealers misrepresenting the liquidity and risks of auction-rate securities and the resulting collapse of the auction rate securities market.

Lehman Brothers/UBS Lawsuit

Violation of federal securities laws concerning sale of structured products and misleading statements about principal protection notes