We have reached a proposed classwide settlement with SquareTrade in this class action lawsuit, and the Court preliminarily approved it. This proposed settlement, if fully approved, will potentially impact SquareTrade protection plan purchasers in the United States who were reimbursed based on (a) a mistakenly-applied cap on protection plan coverage, or (b) an estimate of a product’s replacement cost under the Fast Cash program.

SquareTrade Lawsuit Settlement – Court Grants Preliminary Approval

The Court has granted preliminary approval in the SquareTrade Lawsuit. This means that the settlement will go through if the Court grants final approval. More details can be found on the settlement website, linked here.

Please review the chart below outlining important deadlines in the SquareTrade Lawsuit that may affect your rights:


Date Event
January 30, 2023 Exclusion Deadline
January 30, 2023 Objection Deadline
February 14, 2023 Claim Form Deadline
February 24, 2023, at 9:30 a.m. Settlement Fairness Hearing

SquareTrade Lawsuit Amended Complaint

Gibbs Law Group filed this lawsuit against SquareTrade on April 20, 2020. The complaint describes SquareTrade’s sale of protection plans for products sold at retailers, including Sam’s Club, and Costco. When a consumer purchases a product, like a backpack or a television, the consumer can also purchase a protection plan from SquareTrade, as described in the lawsuit. For a flat fee, as alleged, SquareTrade promises replacement, reimbursement, or repair in the event of damage during a fixed time period.

However, we alleged that SquareTrade does not pay consumers the full amount to which they are entitled when they make a reimbursement claim. Instead, we alleged, SquareTrade pays out only a portion of the purchase price promised under the protection plan.

Read the most current complaint here: SquareTrade Lawsuit – Second Amended Class Action Complaint

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