Our attorneys have filed a nationwide class action on behalf of military service members who were charged by TurboTax to file their taxes, even though they qualified to file for free. The class action complaint alleges that TurboTax diverted members of the military from the version of its software that was supposed to be free for active service members who earned less than $66,000. The TurboTax military lawsuit seeks compensation for service members who earn their wages by serving our country, and as a result, are entitled to file for free under the IRS Free File Program.

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Allegations in the Military TurboTax Class Action

The TurboTax class action lawsuit is on behalf of a member of the Marine Corp Reserve and all other military service members who qualified to file their taxes for free under the IRS Free File Program. The plaintiff says that she used TurboTax to file her returns while undergoing Military Occupation Specialty training away from home, so she was not easily able to seek other tax preparation services. She says that she did not know that there was a Free File Program website for TurboTax called “TurboTax Freedom” which was separate than TurboTax’s purportedly free “Free Edition.” TurboTax Free Edition is not associated with the IRS Free File Program.

The military lawsuit complaint says that TurboTax intentionally hid its “Freedom” edition from search engines during the tax season, while marketing its often-not-free “Free Edition” as “FREE Guaranteed.”

Our Experience Representing Military Service Members

We represent over 2,000 military service members in lawsuits against 3M, seeking compensation for hearing loss and tinnitus caused by an alleged defect in the dual-ended combat earplugs that 3M sold to the military from 2003 to 2015. Colonel Gregory Travalio (ret.) is one of the key lawyers on our team prosecuting the 3M earplug lawsuits.

Our trial attorneys also won a $2.5 million verdict on behalf of Steven Cooper, a veteran for whom the VA had failed to diagnose his prostate cancer.

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Steven Cooper
Former Client, $2.5 Million Verdict

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