Honda Sensing Lawsuit Investigation

Our attorneys are investigating a Honda Sensing lawsuit after some CR-V and Accord drivers have reported that the sensing system in their Hondas cause them to automatically brake when there are no obstacles.… Read more »

ASUS Hacked Update Lawsuit Investigation

We are investigating an ASUS hacked-update lawsuit after news reports that the device-maker had its software-update server hacked. The hackers used the official ASUS update tool to install malware on nearly a million… Read more »

Nissan Altima Control Arm Lawsuit

We are investigating a Nissan Altima control arm lawsuit after reports that the suspension on several Altima models is subject to corrosion, causing control arms to break while driving. When this happens, drivers… Read more »

MySpace Data Loss Lawsuit Investigation

MySpace Loses 12 Years of Photos, Video, and Audio Files in Server Migration As BBC report, MySpace apologized after a server migration deleted “any photos, video, and audio files” that were more than… Read more »

Varsity Tutors Employee Lawsuit Investigation

Our employment lawyers are investigating a Varsity Tutors Employee Lawsuit. Tutors may be misclassified as independent contractors, when they should be treated as employees. If tutors were employees, Varsity Tutors might need to… Read more »

Vizio Class Action Lawsuit Claim Form

There has been a class action settlement in the Vizio smart TV privacy lawsuit concerning allegations that Vizio smart TVs spied on their owners’ viewing habits and collected other data without the owners’… Read more »

Military Housing Lawsuit Investigation

A new military report found that on-base housing managed by private companies was rife with mold, lead paint, asbestos, and dangerous water quality, according to CNBC. Military families who suffered health issues due… Read more »