3M Defective Earplug Lawsuit (2019)

We have filed a 3M defective combat earplug lawsuit after whistleblower allegations were revealed stating that 3M, a defense contractor, sold defective Combat Arms Earplugs, Version 2 (CAEv2) to the military from 2003… Read more »

Google Children’s Apps Lawsuit Investigation

Our privacy attorneys are investigating whether to file a Google children’s apps class action lawsuit regarding unsuitable content and improper sharing of children’s information by Android apps. Google’s Designed for Families program reportedly… Read more »

Honda Accord Automatic Braking Lawsuit (2019)

Our auto defect attorneys filed a class action lawsuit against Honda alleging that the automatic braking system in 2016-2019 Honda Accords is defective, endangering Honda drivers, passengers, and others on the road. According to… Read more »

Marriott Starwood Data Breach Lawsuit (2019)

Our data breach lawyers have filed a class action lawsuit concerning the hack of Starwood’s reservations system, compromising the personal information of 500 million customers. Our Marriott Starwood data breach class action lawsuit… Read more »

ADT Employee Lawsuit (2019)

Our attorneys have filed an ADT employment class action lawsuit against against the security alarm company, alleging that ADT misclassified many California service technicians as independent contractors when they should legally be employees.… Read more »

2019 Butte Camp Fire Lawsuits

Gibbs Law Group, together with Danko Meredith and Corey, Luzaich, de Ghetaldi and Riddle, a legal team known as Northern California Fire Lawyers, filed the first lawsuit against PG&E on behalf of victims… Read more »

Harris Military Jewelry Lawsuit Investigation

We are investigating allegations that Harris Jewelry sells ridiculously overpriced jewelry to active-duty servicemembers using debt-financing on unfavorable terms. The New York Attorney General recently filed a lawsuit against Harris Jewelry, alleging that… Read more »