GWG Holdings Updates

**Update: April 2022: GWG Prepares to File for Bankruptcy As reported by the Wall Street Journal, GWG Holdings is preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following accounting issues, millions of dollars in… Read more »

Deceptive Auto Fees Lawsuit Investigation

Major car companies are facing pushback for allegedly overcharging consumers for so-called “destination fees” to unjustifiably boost their profits. Our auto attorneys are investigating a potential car destination fee lawsuit: if you purchased a… Read more »

California Condom Stealthing Law (2022)

California is the first U.S. state to ban “condom stealthing,” the act of removing a condom without permission during sexual intercourse. On October 7, 2021, California signed AB-453 into law, making it a… Read more »

Washington State Voting Rights Lawsuit

A report by InvestigateWest found alarming discrimination against Latino voters in the state of Washington: in certain counties, voters with Spanish surnames have been much more likely to have their mail-in ballots rejected… Read more »

Female Composer Sexual Harassment and Assault Lawsuit Investigation

Recently, female composers have been publicly calling for an end to sexist practices and pervasive sexual harassment within the music industry. Gibbs Law Group is investigating reports of female composers facing harassment, discrimination, or predatory behavior.   If you experienced inappropriate conduct at… Read more »

WeWork Securities Lawsuit Investigation

On December 1, 2021, WeWork (NYSE: WE) announced in an SEC filing it would restate financial results for several recent quarters due to “material weakness” in its internal controls. WeWork had just recently… Read more »

Tesla Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Investigation

Gibbs Law Group is investigating allegations of sexual harassment at Tesla after a female employee filed a lawsuit against the company. If you experienced sexual harassment or gender discrimination while working at Tesla, we are here to listen… Read more »

Lightspeed Securities Lawsuit

On November 4, 2021, Lightspeed Commerce Inc. (NASDAQ: LSPD) issued a quarterly report offering weak guidance that reportedly implied a forecast of zero sequential growth for its fourth quarter. Previously on September 29,… Read more »

Ricardo Cruciani Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Investigation

In October 2021, former doctor Ricardo Cruciani was arrested and criminally charged with sexually abusing numerous female patients at medical institutions in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for over a decade.  Several lawsuits reported on by the New York Times further allege that the… Read more »

CareDx, Inc. Securities Lawsuit Investigation

On Thursday, October 28th, 2021, precision medical company CareDx (NASDAQ: CDNA) admitted in a quarterly SEC filing that it is being investigated by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Security and Exchange Commission… Read more »