Our consumer attorneys are investigating reports that certain Nike Air Jordan shoes with transparent “icy” soles (such as the Concorde 11) prematurely turn yellow. Consumers must either live with the unattractive yellowed soles or purchase cleaning products in an attempt to bring the soles back to their initial “icy” condition. Consumers like you who paid money for the “icy” look shouldn’t have to put up with this.

Premature Yellowing May Devalue Nike Air Jordans

Nikes with icy, see-thru soles are expensive, with the Air Jordan 11 Space Jams — for example — retailing at $175. On the secondary market, the sneakers can be even pricier due to limited supply.

set of nike air jordans with yellowed soles

According to KicksOnFire, some yellowing may be reversible, but some is permanent, forever devaluing the shoe:

Yellowing on the surface of white or clear synthetic rubber is due to surface oxidation and staining, and will be removed by [cleaning products]. However, yellowing that goes down deep into the sole is mainly due to the natural slightly yellow color of the rubber that, when new, is corrected by a fluorescent ‘optical brightener,’ which eventually stops working…

Stuck with Yellowed Soles?

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