Many California truck drivers are independent contractors, but are wondering if they are classified correctly. Under a new California Supreme Court opinion (Dynamex), transportation workers in California are legally presumed to be employees. A trucker is considered misclassified as an independent contractor under California law unless the trucker’s hiring company can show all of the following: (a) the truck driver is free from the control of the hiring entity; (b) the trucking job falls outside the hiring entity’s usual course of business (i.e., the company is not a “trucking company”); and (c) the trucker operates a business that is independent of the hiring entity (such as by working with other companies).

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California Truck Drivers: Employees vs. Independent Contractors?

In a unanimous decision, the California Supreme Court made it much harder in 2018 to classify workers in California as independent contractors. The case, Dynamex Operations West v. Superior Court, concerned whether Dynamex’s delivery drivers had been misclassified as independent contractors and should have been employees. The case was assessing how workers need to be classified under Wage Order 9, the California labor department’s wage order that applies to transportation-industry workers. In Dynamex, the California Supreme Court stated:

Although in some circumstances classification as an independent contractor may be advantageous to workers as well as to businesses, the risk that workers who should be treated as employees may be improperly misclassified as independent contractors is significant in light of the potentially substantial economic incentives that a business may have in mischaracterizing some workers as independent contractors.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, “The ruling is likely to lead many employers in California to immediately question whether they should reclassify independent contractors rather than face stiff fines for misclassification, employment lawyers said.”

In Dynamex, the California Supreme Court made clear that a delivery or truck driver could be classified as an independent contractor “only if the worker is the type of traditional independent contractor — such as an independent plumber or electrician — who would not reasonably have been viewed as working in the hiring business.”

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What are the penalties for misclassifying a California truck driver as an independent contractor?

California truck drivers who are misclassified as independent contractors can collect penalties of up to $25,000 per trucker from their hiring entity. Generally, if the hiring entity is a trucking company, it should be classifying its workers as “employees” because under the California Supreme Court Dynamex decision, the truck drivers are engaged in the main line of the work of the company. The Dynamex decision would allow a California trucking company to hire accountants or electricians as “independent contractors,” but not truckers because the company’s core business is trucking.

Misclassified truck drivers in California can additionally collect damages for being misclassified. Damages include backpay for all the benefits the truck driver would have been entitled to if properly classified as an employee, including the California overtime pay, expense reimbursement (including for mileage, food, hotels), meal and rest breaks required in Calfiornia, and paystubs. Failure to provide breaks and paystubs in California can also result in substantial damages and penalties.

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