U.C. Berkeley has suspended Professor Alan Tansman for sexually harassing one of his female students. We are investigating whether others are affected and if an Alan Tansman sexual harassment lawsuit is merited. If Alan Tansman sexually harassed you, or made sexually suggestive comments creating a hostile environment, you may be entitled to compensation.

U.C. Berkeley Investigation into Professor Tansman Sexual Harassment

The Daily Californian, U.C. Berkeley’s school newspaper, reports that Professor Alan Tansman was suspended by the university after a Title IX investigation found that he had violated the university’s policy on sexual violence and sexual harassment.

The Title IX investigation delved into allegations by a former doctoral student and postdoc of Professor Tansman who said that he created a hostile working environment with the sexual comments he would make. The investigation also uncovered 5 other witnesses who said that Alan Tansman repeatedly flirted with or sexually harassed them, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Temporary Suspension of Prof. Tansman Doesn't Go Far Enough, Say Some

The SF Chronicle reports that Tansman’s two-year suspension will cost the professor a year of income, amounting to over $190,000, and he will be forced to forfeit sabbatical credits he hasn’t already cashed in. The problem is, according to the Chronicle, that he was already granted a sabbatical for the second year, so he will receive full pay.

His former postdoc was appalled, reports the SF Chronicle. She said:

He was able to broker a devil’s deal. It’s an affront to anyone who reports sexual harassment.

Many don’t see the punishment as severe enough when the university’s own report concluded that Professor Tansman’s “conduct of a sexual nature” was “sufficiently severe that it created a hostile environment” for his female student, which interfered with her work and studies. For example, one student senator said:

A brief, partially-paid suspension is not justice for the survivors impacted by Professor Tansman’s abuse— fractional justice isn’t justice at all.

Our Attorneys Investigating Tansman Sexual Harassment

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