Fujifilm Irvine Scientific Toxic Oil Contamination Lawsuit

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A Los Angeles couple filed a lawsuit against Fujifilm Irvine Scientific for supplying IVF clinics with a contaminated liquid used in the delicate process of culturing and storing embryos. The liquid — a mineral oil — turned out to be toxic and destroyed the couple’s embryos, according to the lawsuit.

Fujifilm sent a recall notice on January 16, 2023 to the IVF clinics that bought its product, warning them that 4 lots were contaminated, reports LA Times. Fujifilm admitted it had received complaints about destroyed embryos, LA Times reports.

Did your IVF clinic use Fujifilm's?

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Fujifilm Irvine Scientific Lawsuit: Toxic Oil Contamination

On February 16, 2023, a Los Angeles couple filed a lawsuit against Fujifilm Irvine Scientific after at least nine of their embryos were destroyed by the contaminated oil provided by Fujifilm Scientific Irvine to fertility clinics for embryo culturing.

Fujifilm described the mineral oil in marketing promotions as ‘highly purified’ and safe to use to prevent evaporation of liquid used for culturing and preserving embryos. According to the lawsuit, Fujifilm failed to properly test the mineral oil before distributing it to the public.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Fujifilm Irvine Scientific became aware of the contaminated mineral oil, yet the company did not make a public announcement to alert the public to the issues.

Fujifilm did, however, notify affected IVF clinics, issuing a recall on four production lots of its refined mineral oil:

  • Lot #0000011351
  • Lot #0000011367
  • Lot #0000015999
  • Lot #0000016001

Ask your IVF clinic if they used an affected lot.

The Costs of Lost or Damaged Eggs and Embryos

Damage to or loss of frozen eggs or embryos in the event of a cryo-preservation equipment failure is emotionally and financially devastating to the individuals and couples who have entrusted their hope for children and their own biological material to their fertility clinics.

Women may choose to freeze their eggs to preserve their reproductive options for a later time when they may no longer be fertile. Some women freeze eggs before undergoing medical procedures that render them infertile, such as chemotherapy or a hysterectomy. Still other women donate their eggs to other hopeful women whose eggs are not reproductively viable.

Many couples who cannot conceive naturally, who wish to conceive later, or who plan to run genetic testing on their offspring prior to implantation rely on the services of a fertility clinic to help them through in vitro fertilization. Couples who hope to adopt embryos from others are affected by freezer failures, as well.

Harvesting the eggs puts strain on the body. It requires a series of blood tests and ultrasounds, 9-10 days of hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries to ripen multiple eggs, and an extraction process, which involves inserting a needle into the ovaries.

After harvesting the eggs, they can be stored unfertilized (as an ovum) or fertilized (as an embryo). Once frozen, eggs and embryos are stored in a medical-grade freezer.

Harvesting and preserving reproductive tissue is also an enormous financial investment. On average, it costs $10,000 to $12,000 for the egg freezing process, and $800 per year for storage.

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