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Nest Smoke Detector False Alarm Lawsuit

Nest detectors' repeated false alarms cause panic among owners

The defective product attorneys at Gibbs Law Group LLP are investigating reports that Nest Protect smoke detectors are unreliable because they trigger numerous and repeated false alarms. According to these reports, the smoke detectors persistently issue false alarms which are difficult to turn off and cause panic. When the Nest Protect issues a false alarm, it sends alerts throughout the home and to owners’ phones causing further distress. Some consumers report calling the fire department after receiving an alert about a fire when they were away from their home, only to later find out that there was no problem.

Nest Protect false alarms?

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Nest smoke alarms sound when there is “no smoke anywhere”

Consumers describe Nest Protect smoke detectors triggering false alarms when there is “no smoke anywhere.” Complaints about Nest Protect allege that the smoke detectors “went off all day,” “go off randomly,” triggered “[i]n the middle of the night” or triggered “while everyone’s at work.” Consumers describe interrupting their day in a panic, only to find that there is no problem.

“[T]here is no way to stop them. You can’t clear out the smoke, because there isn’t anything to clear out . . . [t]he only way to stop them is to get out a huge ladder . . . rip the thing off the ceiling and rip out the battery.”

Nest Protect owners have explained that the false alarms are also extremely loud, which consumers have described as “piercing,” “high volume,” and a “nuclear event.” According to one consumer, the problem is made worse because the alarms are networked to one another, so that if one Nest Protect falsely triggers, every Nest Protect in the house will also go off. Additionally, because the Nest Protect can be networked to residents’ phones, one consumer explained that a false alarm causes “the whole family’s phones” to signal alerts.

Nest detector owners struggle to silence false alarms

According to complaints, instead of simply pushing a button, the false alarms may require “a screwdriver to get the batteries out to make it stop.” One homeowner explained that if one has multiple Nest Protect alarms, “[y]ou have to take each one down, unscrew four screws, and remove the batteries” to turn them off. According to another consumer, “[t]here is no way to stop them. You can’t clear out the smoke, because there isn’t anything to clear out . . . [t]he only way to stop them is to get out a huge ladder . . . rip the thing off the ceiling and rip out the battery.”

Nest safety concerns

Many consumers have also reported repeated false alarms with multiple Nest Protect units, even after they received replacement units. One consumer believed that the first false alarm was caused by a one-off incident, “until a second unit false alarmed.  Then a third unit. Then a fourth unit. Then a fifth unit. Three months in, -FIVE- out of the six Nest Protect’s we purchased had sounded false alarms.”

Consumers have also raised concerns about the safety and reliability of Nest Protect smoke detectors.  According to one former Nest Protect owner, “Nest products are unsafe due to the high number of false positives” and “these products are not ready for prime time, and fankly put your family in more danger than traditional ‘old fashioned technology.’” Because Nest Protect has such a high rate of false alarms, another consumer reported that his family did not feel safe because “when people start ignoring a smoke detector it is causing more harm than good.”

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