Eric Gibbs

A founding partner at the firm, Eric has negotiated groundbreaking settlements that resulted in reforms to business practices, and have favorably shaped the laws impacting plaintiffs’ legal rights.
Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey

Brian represents clients harmed by corporate misconduct in complex litigation including employment discrimination, personal injury, data breach and consumer protection cases.

Erin Barlow

Erin is a zealous advocate for survivors of sexual assault as well as consumers who have been harmed by corporate wrongdoing.

Emily Beale

Emily Beale is an advocate for consumers and employees, fighting unfair business practices by corporations.
David Berger

David Berger

David Berger represents consumers in class actions with a special emphasis on data breach, privacy, and financial services litigation. He has represented data breach victims in some of the largest and most influential privacy cases.

Joshua Bloomfield

Joshua Bloomfield prosecutes complex class action lawsuits with particular experience in data breach/privacy cases and antitrust matters.

Aaron Blumenthal

Aaron Blumenthal represents consumers, employees, and whistleblowers in class action and other complex litigation.

Eileen Epstein Carney

Eileen serves as the Director of Business Development with Gibbs Law Group. She is involved in new case investigation efforts related to whistleblower, securities, consumer protection and other class action lawsuits.

Kyla Gibboney

Kyla represents consumers, employees, investors, and others who have been harmed by corporate misconduct. She prosecutes a wide range of complex class action cases, including antitrust, securities, consumer protection, financial fraud, and product defect across a variety of industries.

Julia Gonzalez

Julia works with employees who have faced discrimination, misclassification, wage and hour violations, and other workplace injustices, advocating for their rights in individual and class cases.

Allison Gossard

Allison is the Office Manager at Gibbs Law Group. She handles day-to-day human resources, vendor relations, IT trouble shooting, and firm events.

Dylan Hughes

Dylan Hughes concentrates his practice on investigating and prosecuting fraud matters on behalf of whistleblowers, consumers and employees harmed by corporate misconduct.

Parker Hutchinson

Parker Hutchinson represents plaintiffs in class actions and other complex litigation, with extensive practice in the field of prescription drug product liability.
Shawn Judge

Shawn Judge

Shawn Judge prosecutes complex class actions and mass torts. Shawn is also an experienced mediator offering private mediation services for any civil dispute.

Amanda Karl

Amanda represents employees, consumers, and sexual assault survivors in complex class action lawsuits nationwide. She also leads the firm’s Voting Rights Task Force.

Jeff Kosbie

Jeff Kosbie represents plaintiffs in class actions and other complex lawsuits involving consumer protection, securities fraud and employment law.

Linda Lam

Linda Lam focuses her practice on representing consumers, small businesses, and employees in complex litigation. Previously, she represented workers and retirees at a national employment law firm.
Micha Star Liberty

Micha Star Liberty

Micha is a nationally recognized trial attorney with more than 20 years of experience representing individuals who have been injured or abused, including survivors of sexual abuse. Micha is Of Counsel to Gibbs Law Group.

Steve Lopez

Steve Lopez represents consumers, employees, and whistleblowers harmed by corporate misconduct. He has prosecuted a variety of consumer protection and complex employment cases.

Rosanne Mah

Rosanne Mah represents consumers in complex class action litigation involving deceptive or misleading practices, false advertising, and data/privacy issues.

Karen Barth Menzies

Karen Menzies has more than twenty years of experience in federal and state mass tort litigation. Courts throughout the country have appointed Karen to serve in case leadership positions.

Geoffrey Munroe

Geoffrey Munroe represents plaintiffs in class action and mass tort cases in federal and state courts. Northern California Super Lawyers has named him a Rising Star (2010-2016).

Andre Mura

Andre M. Mura represents plaintiffs in class actions and mass torts including in the areas of consumer protection, privacy, and products liability.

Ashleigh Musser

Ashleigh Musser represents consumers and employees in class actions and mass arbitration involving consumer protection and employment law.

Rosemary Rivas

Rosemary has devoted her legal career to obtaining justice for consumers in class action lawsuits involving claims of false advertising, defective products, and privacy violations.

George Sampson

George Sampson brings 35 years of experience prosecuting complex antitrust cases on behalf of consumers and small businesses.

Michael Schrag

Michael Schrag has nearly 20 years of experience representing individual and small business plaintiffs in a broad range of complex class actions against large corporations.

Dasha Sominski

Dasha Sominski represents plaintiffs in a wide range of complex class action cases, including defective products, financial fraud, securities, and sexual assault.

Dave Stein

David Stein represents clients in federal and state cases nationwide, ranging from securities and financial fraud class actions, to product liability, privacy, and data breach suits.

Steven Tindall

Steven Tindall has specialized in employment and class action litigation for over twenty years. He has been lead or co-lead counsel on several cases that resulted in settlements worth over $1 million.
Mark Troutman

Mark Troutman

Mark Troutman is dedicated to protecting consumers against corporate misdeeds. He has served in leadership roles in complex litigation cases across the country.

Zeke Wald

Zeke is dedicated to representing plaintiffs in class action and complex litigation concerning consumers’ and workers’ rights, products liability, privacy law, and constitutional law.  
Tayler Walters

Tayler Walters

Tayler Walters works with consumers in class action lawsuits to combat unfair business practices by corporations.

Amy Zeman

Amy has built a reputation in the plaintiffs’ bar for delivering results and justice to consumers and sexual assault survivors in class action and mass tort litigation. The Daily Journal named her a Top Woman Lawyer in California for 2021.